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Volkov Andrey


Medical Director, Dental surgeon, Implantologist, Top expert


  • In practice since 1998, at GMS since 2005
  • Foreign languages: English, French
  • Hobbies: sport, skiing, surfing, reading
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Areas of professional interest:

  • Dental implants (single and multiple tooth replacement)
  • Osteoplasty
  • Full Arch Replacement
  • Bone and Tissue Regeneration
  • Sinus Augmentation (crestal and lateral approach)
  • Bone and Soft Tissue grafting


Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry


  • University of Toronto (Canada) — additional professional training in dental restoration, implantation and periodontics
  • Nova University (Florida, USA) where successfully passed all the Canadian and American certification tests


  • International seminar: «The benefits of use of the doctor smile diode lasers in dental practice», 2019
  • Fernando Rojas-Vizcaya DDS, MS: «Two Days Advanced Implant Prosthodontic Course», Spain, 2019
  • The basics of emergency medicine when stopping blood circulation, 2018
  • Prof. Jan Lindhe, PD Dr. Frank Schwarz: «Current challenges in treating extraction sockets and peri-implantitis». Монако, 2009
  • Dr. Weilert V.A (MD, Germany): «Integrated treatment: implantation and prosthetic rehabilitation», lecture and practical course. 2009
  • Professor Dr. Gregor-Georg Zafiropoulos (Germany), Dr. Christian Beaumont (Germany): «Reconstruction of the bottom of the maxillary sinus, bone augmentation, implantation». 2009
  • Professor Dr. Gregor-Georg Zafiropoulos (Germany): «Diagnosis of periodontal disease. Regeneration of the periodontitis». 2008
  • Professor Dr. Gregor-Georg Zafiropoulos (Germany), Dr. Adrian Kasai (Germany): «Surgical techniques in periodontics». 2008
  • Dr. Orcan Yuksel: «Concept, indication and handling of the Friadent implant system XIVE». Germany, 2008
  • Prof. Wolf-Dieter Grimm (DDS, PhD, MSc), Dr. Georg Gassmann (DDS, MSc): «State of the art techniques in periodontal plastic surgery». 2007
  • Dr. Serafin Ruiz: «Implantologia Oral de Avanzada». Cuba, 2007
  • Dr. Thomas Hanser: «Progressive methods of hard and soft tissue`s transplantation. Three-dimensional reconstruction of defects, tunnel technique, sinus lifting and implantation in complicated clinical cases. Surgical, orthopaedic and aesthetic aspects of treatment for predictable results». 2007
  • Dr. Stephan Girthofer: «Three-dimensional augmentation technologies in dental surgery and implantology based on piezosurgical techniques with minimal interference». 2007
  • The University of Sheffield School of Clinical Dentistry: «Occlusion for the Restorative Dentist». Англия, 2006
  • Jan Kielhorn (DGI, DGZI, BDO, BDZI): «Full ceramics and galvano technologies: modern concepts for advanced prosthetics». 2005
  • Dr. Achim Schmidt: «A special sinus lifting course on dental implantology with membrane techniques and bone augmentation using CYTOPLAST membranes and BIORESORB augmentation material including hands-on training, lectures and live surgeries». 2005
  • Dr. Martin Steinbauer: «Esthetic and restorative aspects of dental implantology. Planning of all types of implant re-constructions using different ORALTRONICS implant components». 2005
  • Dr. Ali Gbara: «Implant-Kurs (Oraltronics Implantat system». Germany, 2005
  • Dr. Gregg Cox, Dr. Ali Gbara: «Advanced education on dental implantology with the PITT-EASY system in conjunction with augmentation and membrane techniques, Sinus Lift and bone transplants at the department of oral and maxillofacial surgery, University of Hamburg». Germany, 2005
  • Dr. A. Friedmann: «Advantages of the ITI Dental implant system». 2003
  • Dr. Craig Cooper (DDS), Dr. Douglas Deporter (DDS, PhD), Dr. David Rubin( DDS), Dr. Timothy Hottel (DDS, MS): «A hands-on sertification course for porous-surfaced endosseous implants». USA, 2002
  • Dr. H.C. Tenenbaum (DDS, PhD), Dr. D.A. Deporter (DDS, PhD): «Observation course in the oral reconstruction Center/ Implant dentistry unit discipline of periodontology». Canada, 2002
  • Dr. Sorin Farsirotu B.Comm (DDS): «Technique perfectionnee de Greffe Osseusse». Canada, 2001

Participation in symposiums and conferences:

  • International conference: «Individual psychological behavior and hypnosis implantology for general practitioners» Bulgaria, 2010
  • 18th Annual meeting of the European Association for Osseointegration. Monaco, 2009
  • III Moscow implant Congress: «Bone grafting and soft tissues in implant dentistry: the usage of right steps to predict aesthetic works on implants». Moscow, 2008
  • III Moscow implant Congress: «Aesthetics and predictability: surgical and prosthetic aspects of the practical implant dentistry». Moscow, 2008
  • II Moscow implant Congress: «Advanced techniques usage in bone augmentation and implant treatment in aesthetic dentistry». Moscow, 2007
  • Round table club of laser dentistry: «Traditional and laser technologies in periodontitis treatment». Moscow, 2007
  • International Quintessence Symposium. Moscow, 2006
  • Europerio 5 Conference. Madrid, 2006
  • 3d World Congress of Global Oral Implant Academy. Germany, 2006
  • ITI World Symposium. Germany, 2005
  • Founding World Congress of Global Oral Implant Academy: «The future meets innovation-Oral implantology today». Japan, 2005


  • European Dental Centre (EDC)
  • MDM American Clinic (Moscow)
  • American Clinic Dental Art

Further Information

Dr Volkov works by a principle «one patient — one doctor». He provides the whole spectrum of dental services from making a treatment plan to its complete realization. Specializes in complicated surgical interventions, implantation, high-quality aesthetic prosthetics. He is continuously mastering his professional skills by regularly taking part in international dental conferences. Since 2005 is an active member of Global Oral Implant Academy.