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A beautiful smile is the trademark of a successful person. Smiling increases our confidence and makes a positiveimpression. It is a pleasure both for ourselves and for the peoplewe communicate with. Read more

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A beautiful smile is the trademark of a successful person. Smiling increases our confidence and makes a positiveimpression. It is a pleasure both for ourselves and for the peoplewe communicate with.

Some people are lucky to have a perfect smile naturally, but unfortunately there are not so many of them. Others have to take special care of the appearance of their teeth.

Abnormal bite is common in the majority of children and adults. Some of its consequences are headaches, pain in the jaw joint and other problems. Orthodontics, the field of dentistry studying dentition pathologies and anomalies, helps to eliminate these problems.

Bite correction

Correction of bite pathologies is possible regardless of age: both in the stage of formation of permanent teeth and when their growth is complete. There are special methods for each age, but all of them in one way or another lead to the same result — a perfect smile.

Many of these problems are easier to solve in children and adolescents. Bite correction in adults has to take into account a lot of additional factors: overall condition of periodontal tissue, lower tooth mobility, etc. Anyway, a good result depends on proper orthodontic diagnostics and elaboration of the treatment plan. The main method of correction is braces.

Selection of braces

There are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ braces. There are a lot of different constructions, each of which is optimal for a certain type of correction. Braces are often made and adjusted individually. No matter what type of construction is used, it is important to understand that each of them is only an instrument in the hands of an orthodontics specialist who sees what your smile should look like in the end.

Our specialists are highly experienced with all types of braces. They will help to select the method according to the individual case, the patient’s age, preferences and lifestyle.

Types of braces

Nowadays the selection of braces is very high. They differ in principles of fixation and placement on teeth and are made from different materials: polymers, metal alloys, ceramics, sapphires, etc. Braces can be multicolored and white, transparent and completely invisible.

Consider that according to generally accepted international practice braces are installed only on treated, cleaned, and fully prepared teeth.

Dear customers!
Here below you can find the price list of most popular dental services in our clinic.
This information is not public offer and can be changed by proprietor.


Name Price, €
First Dentist Consultation (up to 30 minutes) 66 €
Extended Dentist Consultation (more than 30 minutes) 102 €
First Top Dentist Consultation (up to 30 minutes) 95 €
Follow-up Dentist Oral Exam 35 €
Follow-up Top Dentist Oral Exam 50 €
X -Ray (per image) 25 €
Panoramic X-Ray 80 €
3D CT scan 131 €


Name Price, €
Orthodontic diagnostics (including CT scan +3D cephalometry) 159 €
Orthodontic Study models (alginate ) 37 €
Metal braces, jaw from 1 182 €
Lingual braces Incognito, jaw 5 616 €
Lingual braces WIN, per jaw 4 321 €
Invisalign Lite/First, 2 jaws 6 702 €
Scheduled visit/ correction during treatment on orthodontic aligners 55 €
Expanding plate with screws from 286 €
Expander 525 €
Bite plate 358 €
Trainer (depending on the type) 310 €
Athletic trainer from 310 €
Aquasplint/ Aqualiser 358 €
Orthodontic treatment plan (simple) 34 €
Orthodontic treatment plan (complicated) 105 €
Metal braces installation, per jaw 886 €
Aesthetic braces (sapphire), per jaw 1 702 €
Aesthetic Flash-Free braces, per jaw 1 747 €
Aesthetic braces installation, per jaw 1 020 €
Self-ligating metal braces, per jaw 1 265 €
Self-ligating metal braces installation, per jaw 999 €
Self-ligating aesthetic braces, per jaw 1 766 €
Self-ligating aesthetic braces installation, per jaw 1 074 €
Vestibularl braces correction 102 €
Additional order of a metal bracket 53 €
Additional order of an aesthetic bracket 75 €
Lingual braces WIN, (for teenagers), per jaw 4 033 €
Fixation of lingual braces Incognito/ WIN/ STB, per jaw 1 165 €
Lingual braces Incognito/ WIN/ STB correction 165 €
Invisalign 11 145 €
Acrylic occlusal splint (retainer) from 137 €
Vivera retentive tray, jaw 1 050 €
Acrylic occlusal splint (retainer) with transposition 238 €
Retainer plate 167 €
Marco Rossa ortho system 1 026 €
Space maintainer 191 €
LM-Activator 382 €
Splint 1 035 €
Nonremovable appliance of mechanical action for distalization "Frog" 1 416 €
Follow-up oral exam, who undergo orthodontic treatment in another clinic 183 €
Follow-up oral exam, who undergo lingual orthodontic treatment in another clinic 352 €

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