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Demkina Svetlana




  • In practice since 1997, at GMS since 2005
  • Foreign languages: English
  • Hobbies: books, yoga, cooking, skiing, orthodontics
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Areas of professional interest:

  • Orthodontics for adults and children
  • Vestibular braces (Clarity Advanced Flash-free, Damon, Victory Series, Smartclip, Twin, etc.)
  • Lingual braces (Incognito, WIN, STB)
  • Invisible aligners Invisalign
  • Osteopathy in orthodontics
  • Functional removable and non-removable ortho systems (ortho plates, Marco Rossa ortho system, etc.)
  • Athletic splints, trainers, LM-Activators
  • Craniofacial orthodontics
  • Mini-implants in orthodontics


Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry


  • Residency in orthodontics (Moscow State Medical Dental University)


  • Workshop Volvach Julia: "All about the highly effective BIO-RAY mini-screw system", 2020
  • Two-day seminar by Alexey Ermakov: «Evolution 2.0 — 8 keys of orthodontic treatment», 2020
  • Dr. Larry M. Wolford, Interdisciplinary interaction in the management of complex patients with maxillofacial deformities and TMJ dysfunction, Moscow, 2020
  • Multifunctional approach to the treatment of malocclusion and maxillofacial abnormalities. Exercises Using The Myobrace System, Moscow, 2018
  • Clayton Chan, Fundamental principles of stable occlusion, Moscow, 2018
  • Prof. Mariano Rocabado, Practical-Teoretical course, Moscow, 2018
  • The basics of emergency medicine when stopping blood circulation, 2018
  • Dr. Jeffrey Okeson, «Occlusion. Dysfuncion of the TMJ. Orofacial pain. Facts and fictions. What should every dentist know?», Minsk, 2018
  • Prof. Andre W. Machado D.M.D., M.S., PhD, Orthodontic Smile Design & Orthodontic Creative Mechanics, 2018
  • Prof. Dr. Benedict Wilmes, Current options for skeletal anchorage in orthopedic and orthodontic treatment, 2017
  • Anoop Sondi, The modern concept of treatment of TMJ dysfunction, 2017
  • Sadao Sato, Concepts and treatment approach to malocclusions without surgery and premolar extraction based on developmental etiology and occlusal plain control, 2017
  • Jeanne Lendengolz, TMJ — myths and reality. The point of view orthodontist, 2017
  • Alberto Kanabez, Splint therapy to stabilize the lower jaw. Clinical and practical aspects, 2017
  • Renato Kokkoni, Mechanics of orthodontic treatment, 2016
  • Silvano Naretto (M.D., D.D.S., M.A.S., M.S.C.), Samvel Apresyan (PhD, President of the Association of digital dentistry): «Functional orthodontics», 2015
  • 3М Health Care Academy: «Aesthetics — the ultimate challenge in orthodontics». London, 2014
  • Dr. J. Frenck: «The philosophy of SWING: the main purpose is to achieve functional occlusion», 2013
  • Dr. Chechin A.D. (scientific-practical seminar): «Holistic approach treatment and diagnosis of dental patients with occlusion», 2013
  • Dr. Hee-Moon Kyung (D.D.S., M.S., Ph.D) (Korea): «Microimplant anchorage and Lingual orthodontic treatments», 2013
  • Dr. Lawrence F. Andrews (DDS, Ph.) (USA): «Six elements orthodontic philosophy». Kiev, 2012
  • Prof. Jeffrey P. Okeson (DMD) (USA): «Maintaining a Healthy Functioning Masticatory System through Orthodontic and Prosthodontic Therapy», 2012
  • Invisalign Align Technology: «Invisalign certification course», 2012
  • Dr. Antonik M. (Ph.D): «Dentition`s functional analysis. Part I. Occlusion and malocclusion. Clinical functional diagnostics», 2011
  • Prof. Marco Rosa (DDS, MD, D.Orthod.) (Italy): «Early treatment: an advanced course on a new method», 2011
  • 3D Technologies in contemporary orthodontics. OrthoCAD Indirect fixation system (USA). 2010
  • The possibilities of Dolphin Imaging. Modern planning of the treatment for the patients with abnormalities and facial proportions imbalance. Moscow, 2010
  • Dr. Hee-Moon Kyung (D.D.S., M.S., Ph.D) (Korea): «Microimplant Anchorage Orthodontics», 2008
  • Dr. Dirk Wiechmann (Germany): " Incognito Lingual Master Class«, 2008
  • Dr. Dirk Wiechmann (Germany): «Certification course. The Incognito Lingual braces », 2007
  • Dr. Dirk Wiechmann: «Office course Incognito». Germany, 2007
  • Dr. Dirk Wiechmann (Germany): «The new lingual discipline Incognito», 2006
  • Boston Institute of aesthetic dentistry: «Orthodontic treatment of adults using Invisalign». Moscow, 2006
  • Didier Fillion (France): «The new lingual orthodontics: principles and clinical applications», 2006
  • Doctour: «The art of smile — from diagnosis to ultimate treatment». Moscow, 2005
  • Discus Dental: «Teeth whitening seminar and master class on hour clinical system Zoom». Moscow, 2005
  • M. Korn (USA): «Alternative orthodontics in mixed and permanent occlusion», 2005
  • Pre-orthodontic trainer course (Australia), 2001
  • W. Alexander (USA): «The treatment of dental and skeletal asymmetries»
  • Dr. Robert Kirschen, Dr. Robert T. Lee (England): «Straight arch technique», 1997
  • R.Hintz (Germany): «Early diagnostics of dentoalveolar anomalies», 1996

Participation in Congresses, Forums and Conferences:

  • Conference «Transparent aligners: The era of digital orthodontics», Moscow, 2020
  • VI International and German WN User Meeting, Frankfurt on the Main, 2019
  • Congress of lingual orthodontists WIN in Germany. Bad-Essen, 2018
  • Global Forum Functional Dentistry, Moscow, 2018
  • Conference «Days of orthodontics» PumpaGroup, Moscow, 2017
  • 3M Inspiration Conference of Orthodontics, Prague, 2017
  • «The days of orthodontics of the Group of companies «Puma». Moscow, 2016
  • First Russian Congress of lingual orthodontists WIN. Moscow, 2014
  • Invisalign conference. Moscow, 2014
  • 90th Congress of the European Orthodontic Society, Warsaw (Poland), 2014
  • 89th Congress of the European Orthodontic Society, Reykjavik (Iceland), 2013
  • V Asian Microimplant Congress. KunMing (China), 2012
  • The 10th ESLO Congress — European Society of lingual orthodontics. Frankfurt, 2012
  • The 88 th European Orthodontic Society Congress in Santiago de Compostela (Spain), 2012
  • The 4th Asian Microimplant Anchorage Congress. Lebanon, Beirut, 2011
  • XIII Orthodontists Meeting in Russia. Moscow, 2010
  • III International Incognito Users Meeting. London, 2009
  • VIII European Society Congress of lingual orthodontics. Cannes, 2008
  • The 7th ESLO Congress — European Society of lingual orthodontics. Venice, Italy, 2006
  • The 1th WSLO Lingual Orthodontic Congress. New York, 2006
  • Conference «Dentistry in the new economic conditions». Moscow, 1997

Further Information

Awarded the title of «INVISALIGN Expert» from the company ORTHOTECH, exclusive representative of «INVISALIGN» on the territory of Russia.

Member of American Association of Orthodontics (AAO)

Member of European Orthodontic Society (EOS)


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