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Petrov Evgenii




  • In practice since 2002, at GMS since 2018
  • Foreign languages: English
  • Hobbies: sport, photography
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Areas of professional interest:

  • Prosthetics of any complexity, including work associated with a complete restructuring of the bite and improve aesthetics
  • Working with CEREC system, axiograph and microscope
  • Correction of the bite under the control of the machine TekScan
  • Ultra-thin veneers
  • Microprosthetics
  • Splint therapy (production of occlusive splints)
  • Rehabilitation of patients with TMJ problems


Tver State Medical University


  • Internship in Tver State Medical University
  • Residency in Tver State Medical University, specialization in «Orthopaedics»


  • Digital express analysis of the patient in the clinic, 2021
  • Office Course — Digital Protocols, 2021
  • International seminar: «The benefits of use of the doctor smile diode lasers in dental practice», 2019
  • Oscar Gonzalez-Martin, The creation of harmonious soft tissue contour at the implant in the anterior region, 2019
  • Creating a new smile: From planning to fixing, 2018
  • The reconstruction of defects of the dentition in conjunction with a method of immediate dentoalveolar reconstruction (IDR), 2018
  • Author’s course Domenico Massironi, 2017
  • The effectiveness of the initial consultation and the Protocol of the treatment plan presentation, 2017
  • The Protocol of orthopedic treatment with the use of analog and digital technologies, 2016
  • The craftsmanship of prosthetics, 2016
  • Gnatologichesky the concept of reconstruction of occlusion. Module: Functional and aesthetic morphology, 2016
  • Splint therapy. How to avoid disorders of the temporal mandibular joint. The use in practice of relaxing occlusal splints, 2016
  • Techniques of computer analysis of occlusions by t-Scan III, 2015
  • International VITA-Training for CEREC / inLab users in Bad Sackingen, Germany, 2015
  • Introduction to gnathology, 2015
  • Dr. Alexander Budovsky, TRG-basics, X-ray anatomy, diagnostics, methods of data transfer in dental treatment in the articulator and on the patient’s prosthetics, 2015
  • Communication with the patient of dental clinic, course, 2015
  • Soft tissue management in fixed prosthetics: ways to achieve «Pink aesthetics», 2011
  • MONA DENT-Navigation fur die Implantologie, 2011
  • Reecorder BlueFox and computer assisted reposition, 2011
  • New methods of research and diagnosis in the practice of an orthopedist. Functional occlusion, 2011
  • Functional analysis of the dental system. Part 1. Occlusion and pathology of occlusion. Clinical functional diagnosis, 2010
  • Diagnosis and treatment of muscle and joint dysfunction, 2010
  • The ability to achieve the exact pripravki restorations, 2010
  • The use of full-ceramic restorations in modern dentistry, 2009
  • Theoretical studies and practical skills of working with articulators, 2009
  • Ceramic materials for biological rehabilitations of the stomatological system, 2009
  • Dental Anesthesias, 2009
  • Basic training inLab for users, 2009
  • CEREC / inLab. Training for users, 2009
  • Basics of decision-making in implantology: surgical and orthopedic aspects, 2008
  • World of Procera. Solutions and business opportunities for your practice, 2007
  • Biomechanics and technique of orthodontic load dosing, 2005
  • Endodontic skills, 2005

Participation in Congresses:

  • Participation in the First Crimean Congress of Functional Dentistry, 2021
  • International Symposium, Selection of CAD/CAM system for modern dental clinic. Why CEREC?, 2018
  • Symposium «Scientific thought and clinical development. Integration and evolution of protocols», 2017
  • International educational conference on implantology and aesthetic dentistry «Complex aesthetic protocols of implantological treatment», 2015
  • International CAD/CAM conference CEREC Club Russia, 2014
  • International educational conference on implantology and aesthetic dentistry «Actual concepts of aesthetic rehabilitation on implants», 2013
  • Nobel Biocare Symposium, 2012
  • II international Congress on dental radiodiagnostics. Quintessence, 2011
  • VII international implantological Symposium, 2011
  • V Moscow Congress of implantology. Splint therapy: how to avoid temporal mandibular joint disorders, 2010
  • III international conference on topical aspects of neuromuscular dentistry, 2010
  • The First joint conference of ZM Unitek and FORTEX-T companies, modern trends in orthodontics development, 2005


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