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Timoshina Elena


Endodontist, Dental Therapist

Dental Therapist

  • In practice since 1991, at GMS since 2005
  • Foreign languages: English
  • Hobbies: traveling, floriculture, landscape design, psychology
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Areas of professional interest:

  • Full range of restoration using inlays, onlays and veneers
  • Latest technologies of teeth whitening
  • Endodontics (microscopic root canal treatment)
  • Laser treatment
  • 3- Dimensional root canal filling by vertical compaction method Beefill 2 in 1
  • Preparation for prosthetics
  • Vector-therapy


Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry

Certificates (partly):

  • Dr. Enrico Cassai (Ph.D): Master-class of Endodontic Synergy, VDW GmbH «Innovative Techniques in Endodontic Treatment», 2019
  • Refresher course: «Exercises using the myobrace system», 2018
  • The basics of emergency medicine when stopping blood circulation, 2018
  • Professor D. Moshonov: Master-class: «The usage of the Endoscope in endodontics», 2011
  • Master-class «Revolutional technologies in endodontic treatment», 2011
  • Dr. D.Webber: Master-class «Achieving perfection in endodontics», 2010
  • Dr. D. Webber: Practical course «Achieving perfection in endodontics. The usage of the microscope Carl Zeiss in your practice», 2010
  • Seminar «KaVo KEY Laser 3». Germany, 2009
  • C.e.m., docent Skatova E. A.: «Advanced technologies in the practice of pediatric dentist», 2009
  • International Seminar of VDW Endodontics Synergy GmbH. Italy, 2009
  • Prof. L.Shapira, prof. A.Stabhole: «Advanced course in Periodontics-Esthetic Dentistry-Endodontics. Jerusalem, 2007
  • Dental Spa: „The usage of laser technology in dentistry, working with hard and soft tissues“, 2007
  • Tishkina O.: „Esthetic restoration of front teeth. The technique of stratification L.Vanini. Enamel Plus HFO, MICERIUM“, 2007
  • Docent Radlinskyi S.V., professor M.Ferrari: Master class » Restoration of front teeth." Turkey, Kemer, 2006
  • C.e.m., professor Risovannaya O.N.: «Laser technology in dentistry. CO2; ER: YAG; GaALAs lasers», 2006
  • Dr.Reyhanian A-C.: «The Course on Dental Laser Continuing Education, Following the Curriculum Guidelines and Standards for Dental Laser Education». Israel, 2006
  • The course of teeth whitening technology Discus Dental Day White, Nite White, Zoom Weekender. Master class Hour Clinical System
  • Zoom, 2004
  • B.Magneville, V.Anisov: «Evolution of clinical concepts in fixed esthetic prosthesis». «Endodontical preparation of teeth on endodontic post and build-up teeth on fiber post base», 2003
  • M.Nicastro, F.Ferretti, G.Bourrelly: «Biomimetics and evolution of porcelain veneers». «Realization of porcelain veneers». «Evolutions of the porcelains and laboratory composites», 2003
  • Dental Clinical Training Center: Master-class «The concept of three-dimensional treatment of the root canal system in endodontics.
  • Method of filling with the help of thermaplasticized gutta-percha», «The usage of NiTi rotary endodontic instruments ProTaper with the help of endodontic motors and apexlocators»

Participation in conferences, forums and symposiums:

  • Congress Lectures Reciproc — Single file preparation of root canal rotary NiTi File system Mtwo successful retreatment and complex clinical cases root canal obturation: Method of Vertical Condensation Ultrasound in Endodontics, 2021
  • XV International Congress of VDW Endodontic Synergy GmbH, Innovative Techniques in Endodontic Treatment, Moscow, 2019
  • XIV International Congress of VDW Endodontic Synergy GmbH, Innovative Techniques in Endodontic Treatment, Moscow, 2018
  • The 4th Endodontic Congress ENDOPOINT-2018, Moscow, 2018
  • International Endodontics Congress «Endopoint». Moscow, 2015
  • Anniversary International Congress «Laser Dentistry». Moscow, 2010
  • 1-st Pan-European Dental Congress. Moscow, 2007
  • IV Forum of Dentists CIS. Turkey, Kemer, 2006
  • VI Congress of the National Academy of Esthetic Dentistry. Moscow, 2006
  • «Personal development training», 2002
  • 1-st International Symposium about the problems of esthetic tooth restorations". Moscow, 2002


  • Federal State Institution of Business Administration for the President of the Russian Federation
  • Dental Jazz
  • American Clinic Dental Art


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