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Shall Genrikh


Endodontist, Dental Therapist

Dental Therapist

  • In practice since 2008, at GMS since 2018
  • Foreign languages: German
  • Hobbies: traveling, sport, literature
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Areas of professional interest:

  • Endodontic treatment teeth (treatment and retreatment of root canals with pulpitis, periodontitis)
  • Restoration of teeth with highly esthetic composite materials
  • Micro-prosthetics with ceramic inlays, crowns
  • CAD/CAM technology (CEREC) ceramic crown in 1 visit
  • Diagnosis and treatment of teeth under a microscope
  • Laser dentistry (Er:Yag, CO2, diode lasers)
  • Teeth whitening (Beyond, Zoom)


Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry

Internship: Kaliningrad regional dental clinic, 2006 — 2007

Further Qualifications:

«Dentistry», MONICI, 2010

«Prosthetic dentistry», MSUMD, 2014


  • Noboru Takahashi, Composite restoration. Seven steps to high aesthetics, 2018
  • The basics of emergency medicine when stopping blood circulation, 2018
  • Master class «Restoration of anterior teeth», 2017
  • Master class «Restoration of teeth chewing group,» 2017
  • The combination of office and domashengo whitening. System Opalescence. Elimination of discoloration with composite restoration, 2017
  • Laser dentistry. The application of diode laser in the practice of a dentist surgeon, orthopedist, periodontist and General practitioner, 2017
  • Renovations for the most discerning patients. IPS Empress Direct: the benefits of composite and aesthetics of ceramics, 2016
  • Marisa Ronkati, New technologies and new protocols of non-surgical periodontal therapy, 2016
  • Veneers with preparation and without. Features and nuances (advanced), 2016
  • Dr. Solomonov Michael, Dental Traumatology in everyday practice, 2016
  • The use of hydrokinetic and diode lasers in treatment of diseases of soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity, 2016
  • CAD/CAM system CEREC — the basics of scanning, modeling and fabrication of single restorations, 2016
  • ICON — Infiltration Concept, 2016
  • Intraoral scanning with the scanner 3Shape TRIOS Color POD. Create restorations from VITA ENAMIC и VITA SUPRINITY. Modern
  • software capabilities 3Shape, 2016
  • Dr. Solomonov Michael, New topics and accents in Endodontics 2014-2015, 2015
  • Dr. Solomonov Michael, Endo-Prosthodontic Relationship, 2015
  • Dr. Solomonov Michael, Apical Surgery. Contemporary approach, 2015
  • «Laser technology in dentistry», 2014
  • Dr. Akulovich, Splinting of teeth in the complex treatment of periodontal diseases. Fiber adhesive systems, 2014
  • Dr. Solomonov Michael, Endodontics and related topics, 2014
  • Dr. Akulovich, Modern methods of removing discoloration of teeth. Basic course, 2014
  • Dr. Ryabko, Intraosseous anesthesia, 2014
  • «Artistic restoration of teeth. The Technique Sergey Radlinskeho», 2014
  • Dr. Ryabko, Clinical application and usage of the «Methods VECTOR», 2014
  • Dr. Solomonov Michael, Complications in Endodontic Practice, 2014
  • Internationa Seminar and individual master class of Karl Kaps GmbH, «Dental magnification in difficult clinical cases as a key for successful endodontic treatment», 2013
  • Dr. Rami Balabanovsky, The main practical aspects in the complex prosthodontic treatment, 2013
  • Master Class of VDW Endodontic Synergy GmbH «Innovative Techniques and Approaches in Endodontic Treatment», 2013
  • Dr. Anna Paritsky, Clinical Periodontology. Part 1. Concepts of non surgical treatment, 2012
  • International Semainar of VDW Endodontics Synergy GmbH «Quality Endodontics easy and quickly — myths and reality», 2012
  • Master Class of VDW Endodontic Synergy GmbH «Modern techniques in endodontic treatment», «Nickel-titanium technology», 2010
  • «Innovation technologies in aesthetic dentistry», 2010
  • Nadtochiy A., Application software i-CAT Vision for cone-beam computed tomography in dentistry, 2009
  • Training programs Vatech Ez3Dplus / Planmeca Romexis Viewer, 2008
  • Seminar «New level in modern endodontics», Saint-Petersburg, 2007
  • Seminar «features of the aesthetic restoration using modern materials 3M ESPE», Kaliningrad, 2007
  • A full course in endodontics Dr. Solomon M.

Participation in conferences, forums and symposiums:

  • X International Congress of VDW Endodontic Synergy GmbH «Innovative Techniques in Endodontic Treatment», 2014
  • VI All-Russian conference «Modern aspects of prevention of dental diseases», 2014
  • All-Russian conference «Important questions of local anesthesia and emergency care in dentistry», 2014
  • IX Internationa Congress of VDW Endodontic Synergy GmbH «Innovative Techniques in Endodontic Treatment», 2013


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