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Teeth whitening A beautiful smile is always attractive. But even the perfectly bright smile gets duller with age. The enamel wears out due to colored food, liquids, and nicotine.It exposes the deeper layer of dentin sensitive to coloring agents. As a result, teeth become darker.

Teeth whitening restores the enamel’s natural color and protects it from future hazards. It removes dark spots from the dental surface, making teeth look genuine and healthy. The latest technologies make whitening fast, painless and safe,and allow to choose the most effective and comfortable option for you.


Our Price List

Preventive Services and Teeth Whitening
Scaling (upper and lower jaws) from 170 €
Preventive care procedure Clinpro for sensitive teeth (upper and lower jaws) 175 €
ZOOM Professional teeth whitening 742 €
Deep fluoride treatment 74 €

Dear customers!

Here below you can find the price list of most popular dental services in our clinic.

This information is not public offer and can be changed by proprietor.


Lamp-Activated Whitening

In-office lamp-activated method allows to make your teeth several shades brighter in one session. The dentist identifies your initial enamel color, applies protective and whitening gels, isolates soft oral tissues and activates the whitening gel with ultraviolet light. The process is repeated to reach the maximum whitening effect.

Special components of the whitening gel protect teeth during the procedure and reduce their sensitivity. They also restore the structure of the enamel and prevent the impact of damaging factors in the future.

We use ZOOM 3AP and BEYOND Polus systems, which emit warm light and cold light respectively. Our dentist will recommend the one suitable for you.

Laser-Activated Whitening

Laser-activated whitening is another method for safe and effective tooth whitening with no damage to the fillings. It is not only safe for the enamel but also strengthens it. The results can last for several years and more.

We use two types of lasers — green-light laser and diode laser.Our dentist will choose the one for you depending on the individual enamel pigmentation.

In-Home Whitening

In-home whitening is usually usedto maintain the results of in-office treatment, but can also be done as an independent procedure. It is affordable and easy to use.

In-home whitening uses whitening toothpastes, whitening strips, kits and pens. We recommend daytime and nighttime whitening gels and ZOOM custom-fit cap trays for the maximum effect.

In-home whitening is the best addition to the in-office procedure to make the results last longer. However, we strongly recommend in-office treatment if intensive whitening is needed.

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