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Preventive Dentistry
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Dental Hygiene as Part of Preventive Dental Care Program

Preventive Dental Care ProgramRegular dental cleaning by dental hygienist is the important part of the oral health routine. Patient should consider professionally performed dental hygiene as the indispensable part of the healthy lifestyle, aimed to prevent dental problems.

The visit usually starts from the oral hygiene instructions and recommendations. Afterward, hygienist removes the soft plaque and hard calculus from the dental surfaces and/or implants, and then polishes the teeth. As a result, gum inflammation resolves, and dental implants serve longer. Application of special sealants strengthens the dental enamel and lowers the risk of tooth decay.

Recommended frequency of the dental cleanings depends on the individual oral health but should not be less than twice a year as the self-cleaning is not effective enough for the successful control of the plague and decay.

Please speak to our team of professionals about your dental hygiene in order to achieve the optimal oral health. Prevention is better than cure.


Our Price List

Initial Oral Exam (up to 30 minutes) 66 €
Follow-up Oral Exam 35 €
Panoramic X-Ray 80 €
3D CT Scan 131 €
Orthodontic X-Ray, Scull 76 €

Preventive Services and Teeth Whitening
Scaling (upper and lower jaws) from 170 €
Preventive care procedure Clinpro for sensitive teeth (upper and lower jaws) 175 €
ZOOM Professional teeth whitening 742 €
Deep fluoride treatment 74 €

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