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Periodontal diseasesPeriodontal diseases are inflammations of gums, which is one of the most frequent causes of tooth loss in adults. With aging the risk of disease increases, some or other symptoms are present in the majority of patients over 35 years old. The disease affects gums and other tissue supporting teeth: bones, periodontal ligaments, muscle layers. The most common periodontal diseases are gingivitis, periodontitis and parodontosis.

A timely identified disease can be cured. If the inflammation has gone too far it is possible to prevent its development, exclude exacerbation and get rid of the consequences. We treat patients with any level of complexity, all procedures are performed under anesthesia.

Our Price List

Initial Oral Exam (up to 30 minutes) 66 €
Follow-up Oral Exam 35 €
Panoramic X-Ray 80 €
3D CT Scan 131 €
Orthodontic X-Ray, Scull 76 €

Surgical treatment of abscess 53 €
Closed curettage per gingival tooth pocket 55 €
Periodontal treatment Vector (per tooth) 28 €
Emdogain treatment (per tooth) 579 €

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Causes and development of periodontitis

The first stage of the disease is called gingivitis. It is caused by accumulation of dental plaque, where bacteria are formed. Toxins produced by bacteria cause inflammation. The initial symptoms of gingivitis are bleeding gums, bad breath and bad taste.

Gingivitis passes into periodontitis and is accompanied by a deeper inflammation — formation of periodontal pockets. Inflammation affects the bone tissue of the jaw and destroys its connection with the roots. They become exposed and their mobility increases. Pus abscess appears in the pockets. The constant center of infection can cause different diseases in the organism, up to intoxication.

Treatment methods

The doctor selects the treatment method depending on severity of the disease and depth of periodontal pockets. Pockets up to 3.5 mm deep indicate a mild case, up to 5.5 mm — medium, more than 5.5 mm — severe.

Gingivitis and early stages of periodontitis only require therapeutic treatment. It consists in professional mouth cleaning. First the doctor eliminates deposit from teeth, roots, gums, and interdental spaces. Then the area of treatment is processed with laser, different nozzles and water-powder method. If necessary, nonsurgical debridement is done, which consists in cleaning, smoothing, and polishing the roots. During the procedures and until tissue recovery the teeth are fixed together to prevent their mobility. This procedure is called splinting.

In case of severe periodontitis surgical treatment is prescribed. Depending on the individual case it includes plastic surgery of gums and frenuloplasty, as well as flap surgery. Plastic surgery removes pathologic changes in tissue. The operation grants direct access to pockets and roots. They are thoroughly cleaned and paraplasm is removed. If necessary, the bone tissue is restored with transplants.

Along with other treatment methods, pharmaceutical treatment is prescribed. It is used to prepare the patient for the operation and improves postsurgical adaptation, being able to replace it in less severe cases.

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