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ИмплантологияImplantology is one of the most advanced areas of dentistry. Not only does it maintain the quality of life, but also relieves from the slightest aesthetic defects and emotional distress connected to it.

Dental implants are complete replacement of teeth. Their construction replicates the natural characteristics and fully maintains the chewing functions. Implants are made from hypoallergenic materials compatible with bone tissue. Artificial roots adjust firmly. Such teeth almost do not differ from natural ones and serve for many years.

Our Price List

Initial Oral Exam (up to 30 minutes) 66 €
Follow-up Oral Exam 35 €
Panoramic X-Ray 80 €
3D CT Scan 131 €
Orthodontic X-Ray, Scull 76 €

Implant from 1 136 €
Sinus lifting (lateral approach) 1 801 €
Sinus lifting (crestal approach) 682 €
Osteoplasty 3-D 1 649 €

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What is an implant?

An implant consists of a screw fixed in the jaw, a collar situated on the gum level, and abutment supporting the prosthesis. Tiny bumps are made on the artificial root surface for better adherence, and soon the implant firmly takes root in the bone tissue.

We use XiveFriadent implants with special carving for reliable fixation and with a unique structure which helps new cells of the bone tissue penetrate the implant directly. This significantly reduces implantation time.

Implantation process

Implantation can take place in one or two steps. The method is selected depending on the patient’s individual case. Preparation begins with general examination, X-ray and medication.

One-step implantation involves minimal surgical intervention on the jaw.. The core of the tooth is implanted into the bone superficially, and dentures are installed right after it.

Two-step implantation starts with installing the screw, after which it takes 3-6 months for the tissue to adapt to it. Flippers are put on for this period. As soon as healing starts, the abutment is screwed onto the core, and in a few days a permanent denture is installed.

Sinus floor elevation

One of the most important advantages of implantation is its possibility in cases of lack of own bone tissue. Lack of tissue can be caused by individual anatomyor bone atrophy in the teeth extraction spot. In such cases sinus floor elevation is done.

Depending on the type of lacking tissue, open or closed SFE is prescribed. Artificial bone material is implanted into the jaw, forming additional bone tissue, in which the implant is fixed.

Advantages of implantology

Implantology allows to solve difficult clinical problems when other ways of prosthetics are impossible or cause physical and aesthetic discomfort.

Use of implants relieves from the necessity to maintain unreliable teeth, at the same time minimizing the risk of bone atrophy in the extraction spot. This method makes it possible to complete the set of teeth without affecting healthy teeth; is convenient for recovering remote teeth; allows to create fixed dentures in cases of total lack of own teeth.

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