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Эндодонтия (лечение каналов)

Deep in the tooth, under the enamel and dentin, lies the pulp. It contains all the nerves and blood vessels that keep the tooth alive. They pass through the root canals and connect to the general systems of the organism.

If caries is not treated for a long time, it develops and the pulp inflames, leading to pulpitis. Other causes of the disease include broken crowns, bad fillings and low quality treatment, as well as effect of bacteria. Anyway, the result is the same: the nerves, not being fit for direct exposure, inflame, and the person feels strong pain.

Our Price List

Initial Oral Exam (up to 30 minutes) 66 €
Follow-up Oral Exam 35 €
Panoramic X-Ray 80 €
3D CT Scan 131 €
Orthodontic X-Ray, Scull 76 €

Restorative dentistry
Composite filling from 134 €
Fiber post 118 €
Root canal treatment (per root) 194 €

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Pulpitis treatment methods

Timely diagnostics of pulpitis gives a chance to remove inflammation with medications and maintain the pulp. This method of treatment is called biological and is recommended for early stages of the disease.

In case of severe inflammation surgical method is used. It includes full extraction of the pulp and filling of the tooth canal.

Treatment of canals requires high precision. They arborize and curve, can be very narrow, but it is necessary to extract the pulp and fill all the parts. Otherwise it leaves space for infection to spread, and pulpitis can develop under the filling. To avoid such cases we use special equipment and work with complicated canals using the Leica M320 Advanced I Video microscope.

Stages of treatment

Treatment of pulpitis is done in stages. Before extracting the nerves it is necessary to «switch them off». Special paste is put into the pulp, which kills the nerve and sterilizes the surrounding tissue. The medication is left in the tooth for a period from a few days to 2 weeks, depending on the complexity of the canal and other individual characteristics. For this period a temporary filling is installed.

Most of the work is done in the second stage. The temporary filling is removed with the paste, and thorough extraction of the pulp begins. The doctor cleans and dries the canal and fills it with restoration materials. If the canal is curved, a flexible pin is inserted into it for additional strength.

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